Residential Pest Control


Comprehensive Residential Pest Control Programs

A.S.K Pest iD today...Assured Service Using Knowledge. Our residential programs were developed using over 40 years experience in the pest management profession. Giving you a choice of any of our fast, efficient, and reliable services and programs. 

• Three Season Program
• Four Season Program
• Four Season Plus Program 
Plus coverage against carpenter ants, carpenter bees and termites when detection monitors are installed.
• One time treatment of any pest with a recheck within 30 days. 
• Natural and Organic Programs available upon request.

Assured Solutions For All...
Your Pest Management Needs 

• Bed Bugs (Canine Inspections; Chemical, Fumigation & Heat Treatments)
• Bird Exclusion & Trapping
• Deer Repellant Services
• General Pest Control (Ants, bees, & wasps, crickets, fleas, roaches, silverfish, spiders, stink bugs)
• Natural & Organic Pest Control Alternatives 
• Termite Baiting Programs
• Mosquito & Tick Suppression Treatments & Programs
• Real Estate Inspections
• Rodent Control (Mice, Rats)
• Wildlife Removal (Humane trapping & exclusion)
• Wood Destroying Insects (Carpenter Ant, Carpenter Bee, Termite Baiting Treatments) 
Tough on termites. Easy on the environment. Sentricon is the only termite control proven to eliminate the entire colony – and if does so with you’re a few grams of active ingredient. Good news for you, Bad news for termites. 

• Over 2.5 billion pounds of liquid termiticide not entering the environment – Sentricon displaces the need for traditional liquid chemicals. 

• Annual services visits reduce carbon footprint - Sentricon with Always Active technology requires less service visits, lowering your home’s carbon footprint. 

No Signal Word. Recruit bait has no EPA designated signal word – and no PPE, no special clothing or equipment is required. 

• Only Grams of Active Ingredient Needed – Recruit bait does not leach, does not translocate into nearby plants and it is limited in the environment. 

• Green Chemistry Challenge Award recipient in 2000 – Sentricon is the only termite control product to receive this environmental award by the US EPA. 

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